Meet the Creative Careers Academy / Tell Your Story (Marketing Skills)

Thu 19 Jul 2018
17.30 - 19.00
East Wing Gallery
East Wing

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

Please join us to meet our most recent Creative Careers Academy members, get to speak to them first hand and hear about their experiences so far on the program. During the event, we are also offering a CV surgery sign-up, so please bring your most updated CV to get some excellent feedback on how to polish it up and steer it in the right creative direction. We will also consider how social media skills can be an asset in your career.

With informal talks from some exciting industry professionals, sharing their experiences and personal anecdotes, hear about their first entry jobs, work placement nightmares, how they balanced their creativity with the reality of making money at the beginning of their careers and that feeling of surviving in a creative world against all odds. Who did they look to for mentorship and influence, and who helped them on the ladder? As a group we will ask them and each other how we keep motivated today. 

Start to create your own network with budding peers to shape your own creative careers and journey, finding influence and inspiration to keep those creative cogs moving.

Suitable for those aged 18-25 years old