A blurred close-up of some knitted fabric in a blue, grey palette
In person & Online
Somerset House Studios

Mutant Promise: Going Platinum!

20 - 27 Nov
In person & Online

Mutant Promise presents a series of three events looking at video games, interactive storytelling and the audio environments they allow us to inhabit.  

Going Platinum! opens with the series' titular event, an online interactive discussion curated by artist Lucia H Chung exploring the crossover of experimental electronic and video game music. Closing the programme is a live streamed artist talk from creative computing artist and educator Jazmin Morris focused on representation and inclusivity within technology, which she follows with a workshop that looks at storytelling through interactive fiction. 

Mutant Promise is a producing and artist development agency working with experimental musicians and artists to devise skill-sharing programmes and digital commissions.
Created by Tadeo Lopez-Sendon and Harry Murdoch at the start of 2020, Mutant Promise have worked with organisations internationally including Somerset House Studios (London), Pioneer Works (New York), InterAccess Centre (Toronto), Nyege Nyege (Kampala) and EMBT (Tokyo), to produce workshops, discussions and digital commissions with artists including NSDOS, Joanne Armitage, Johan Diedrick, Jessika Ekomane and Toiret Status.