A designed graphic for New Mystics. Symbols such as a wolf, clouds, a snake, a leaf, a pyramid and lips are displayed in a circle on a colourful gradient background of green and blue.
Somerset House Studios

New Worlds

26 May - 21 Jul 2022
£6 / £10
River Rooms & Lancaster Rooms
New Wing

Artist and writer Alice Bucknell presents a new series of talks, screenings and performances, aimed at helping us to envision the future worlds we want to inhabit.

God knows inventing a universe is a complicated business.” 

Ursula K. Le Guin

New Worlds is an experimental series, merging magic and technology to explore the interconnected topics of sound and ritual, myth-making, non-linear storytelling, ecological futures, and more-than-human narratives.

This new series expands outwards from Alice Bucknell's work New Mystics, a digital platform merging magic, ritual and technology with GPT-3, an AI system that can mimic human language. 

In an ever-complexifying present, where vital reconceptions of history and speculations on the future converge, the need for critically imagining new and alternative worlds has become a vital practice.

Featuring nine artists across five events, these evening sessions will feature performances, installations and film screenings alongside conversations with the artists, moderated by Bucknell.