An installation image of Memeplex at Seventeen Gallery, where Omsk and Joey Holder both exhibited work. A woman leans over a camera positioned from a hospital bed. The women wears white powder and rouge, with dark burgundy lips and yellow inside her mouth
Screening & workshop
Somerset House Studios

New Worlds: Memetic Fictioning

with Omsk Social Club and Joey Holder

Thu 21 Jul
Lancaster Rooms
New Wing

Artist Joey Holder and collective Omsk Social Club team up to present an immersive live experience that considers the power of critical fictioning and memetic gamespace in constructing new worlds.

For the final event of the New Worlds series, Joey Holder and collective Omsk Social Club present a screening and discursive workshop centred around the phenomena of memetic culture both on and offline. Through the lens of a fiction-theory narrative entitled Memeplex™, recently co-created by the artists at Seventeen, Omsk Social Club and Joey Holder invite you to collaboratively build the story’s next chapter through the creation of counter narratives and conspiracy crafting.

Memeplex is two stories in one: the first explores the implementation of ideas, belief, and conviction that occurs through memetic artefacts. The other part of the story investigates the proven idea that the human body carries animal genes. Memeplex questions the human-centric history of the human as necessarily other to animal, ultimately providing context for a new type of animism stemming from ‘Otherkin’ subculture. Taken together, the screening and workshop invite the audience to become active participants in the construction of a multispecies memetic narrative. 

About the artists

Omsk Social Club and Joey Holder have collaborated on exhibitions, research, education and online platforms since 2017. Institutional shows include HKW, Berlin (2017), 6th Athens Biennale (2018), Transmediale (2019), CTM Festival (2021) and 34th Ljubljana Biennial (2021). Group exhibitions include 'Cursed Images' at Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer (2019), 'Ghost Camp' at La Dépendance, Switzerland (2018) and 'Faire Monde' at Espace Van Gogh, Arles (2021). In 2021 they initiated SPUR, an online platform and educational resource for digital practice. Their most recent collaboration 'Memeplex™' at Seventeen, London is a multi-layered RPG installation, soundscore and film set.