A photo of O YAMA O performing. A pair of slender young people, one kneeling, the other stood, are both atop a big sheet of paper, with bowls, cups and plates scattered between them. They are surrounded by a crowd of people who are watching on.
Somerset House Studios

O YAMA O: Accidental Rituals

Thu 07 Oct
18.45 - 20.30
In person £8

This in person event will also be streamed live from Somerset House. If you are unable to join us on the evening, a recording will be archived and available to view via a ticketed link. 

Lancaster Rooms, New Wing
& Online

O YAMA O, the duo of Rie Nakajima and Keiko Yamamoto, explore the rhythms and movement of everyday life through improvisation and folk song.

Using their band motto of Call and Response, for this event O YAMA O will talk about their unspoken, or accidental, rituals. 

The duo will reflect on their different approaches to life and how they work through these contradictions, as well as with other people, space, objects and things that are in the process of becoming music. They will try to have a conversation. They love each other without understanding fully why. Always there is a distance. Ears wide open, eyes closed. Hearts beating fast and slow.

They can sense each other’s bodies without touching yet try to travel far from the space they share together. Why are they drawn together? The indescribable, the unknown, the invisible force is upon us. They will demonstrate how they value this crush created by multiple unknown energies. They will try to be simple and truthful, to be in the moment. They may come across as ‘rough’, but by rubbing each other's shoulders/space they believe we can all make something interesting.  
Rie's objects sometimes imply the history of human civilisation, and Keiko's voice could be something that has yet to be born in this world. They will speak about their individual practices and about O YAMA O's practice and about the distances between these things. They will discuss their interests in Japanese subcultures, myths, traditional music, folklore and modern art which all loosely inform the band's psyche. O YAMA O will present a live performance to demonstrate some of the above, to be a followed by a Q&A session. 

About O YAMA O

O YAMA O is the London based duo of Rie Nakajima and Keiko Yamamoto. Rie is a sound artist known in particular for her work with small objects – kinetic devices, found artefacts, and all kinds of homemade sound sources. These form part of performances and installations that explore a space between sculpture and sound. Her work has been exhibited at several gallery spaces across Europe and Japan. Keiko is best known as a founder and director of East London music venue Cafe Oto. Keiko works with images, sounds and performance. They formed O YAMA O in 2014 and have performed at numerous venues and festivals across Europe and released a self-titled debut album on Mana Records in 2018. 
The duo have developed a close working relationship with veteran producer and musician David Cunningham, best known for his work with experimental pop group The Flying Lizards, and violinist Billy Steiger and percussionist Marie Roux, who play in an ensemble version of the group. During lockdown they released the EP Awadatete Yoku Arau (Sonic Art Research Unit) and a cover version of Daniel Blumberg's “On & On” (Mute). A live album will be issued in autumn 2021 by Les Albums Claus and they are currently producing O YAMA O ’s second album proper with David Cunningham.  

Header image by Mike Cameron.