PROCESS! Zine Library Commission

21 – 22 Jul 2018
River Rooms
& Lancaster Rooms

Salford Zine Library present a selection of their 1500 strong archive of self published materials, seeking to preserve, promote and provide access to zines of all shapes, sizes and subjects from around the world.

Salford Zine Library is a unique archive of self-published materials, currently housed at Nexus Art Café on Dale Street in Manchester. It seeks to preserve and provide access to zines from around the world, as well as promoting zines and DIY culture through workshops, exhibitions and other events.

There are currently around 1500 zines in the collection, all of which have been donated by zine makers and collectors. The collection includes zines of all shapes and sizes, covering a broad range of subjects from football and feminism to veganism and poetry. The selection of zines displayed at Process! highlight zines exploring themes of activism.