Put Your Money Where Your Head Is (Support Skills)

An Open Skills event part of the Creative Careers Academy

Thu 06 Dec2018
17.00 - 19.00
New Wing

Join consultant Remi Harris as she walks us through a ‘practical how to’ in understanding some of the building blocks of finance, funding bids and articulating the language of money.

Along with creativity, great creatives also need money to launch artistic careers, develop arts projects and grow creative businesses.

Jumping through the hoops to get hold of money can be a big challenge for creatives, and understanding what’s in it for the funders is a key skill for working in the creative industries.

This interactive 2-hour workshop will explore the different kinds of finance that are available in the creative industries from grants to donations and investment to borrowing. Using examples from popular culture and participants’ own experiences the session will break-down the key differences between types of funding and match them with the sorts of projects they could be used to fund. 

You’ll come out more confident about using the language of money and, of course, how to go about getting it. 

Join consultant Remi Harris as she walks us through a ‘practical how to’ in understanding some of the building blocks of finance, differentiating funding bids to investment terminology and articulating the language of money.


Remi Harris MBE shows creatives, arts organisations and entrepreneurs how to write about what they do in a way that makes funders want to back them. As a consultant who has secured more than a million pounds for clients, Remi has become an expert in helping people understand what funders want and how to turn their great ideas and passion projects into financial successes. She has a degree in Psychology and an MBA, and 15-years’ experience in the music industry as a Director of Operations and founder of many initiatives to help creatives to grow. She is author of the book: Easy Money? The Definitive Guide to Funding Music Projects in the UK (University of Westminster, 2013) and a contributor to media including, Music Week and Complete Music Update. Remi was honoured with an MBE in 2016 for services to the music industry. She is based in London. Find out about her Get My Grant program and other upcoming events and services at

Creative United provides a range of financial products and services designed to enable the growth and development of the UK’s cultural and creative industries.  Creative United is an independent Community Interest Company that provides finance-based products and services designed to deliver economic growth to the arts, creative and cultural sectors.