Ruth Proctor: Space for Something to Happen

25 Oct 2018 – 13 Jan 2019
Seamen's Hall
South Wing

A new durational artwork on and around our ice rink exploring ideas of repetition and training in relation to creative process and the everyday.

A lifelong Peanuts fan, Proctor sees a parallel between her training on ice and Charles M. Schulz’s ritual of producing and delivering the comic strip. Beginning with a blank page, or in this case ‘a perfect sheet of ice’, British artist Ruth Proctor’s daily early morning training sessions on the ice are documented through photography and film, building an archive over time. Proctor, who trained as an ice skater, uses her daily skating routine as a metaphor for the creative process and observes that things are never the same, no matter how much you try to repeat or train for it; just as when drawing by hand there's inherent elements of chance and possibility.

Visit the Seamen’s Hall, South Wing to view the evolving archive, and look out for the artist herself on the ice and around site.