Abstract illustration by SERAFINE1369, 2021
Somerset House Studios

SERAFINE1369: We can no longer deny ourselves

23 Sep – 30 Oct 2022
River Rooms
New Wing

Somerset House Studios resident SERAFINE1369 (Jamila Johnson-Small) presents a new large scale, durational work exploring systems that shape our perceptions of time.

‘I am late, I have lost, I did not arrive 
On time 
In this gap, this failure, 
Time is mine 
And this 
Is a kind of solitude 
And a frequency, an offering, a kind of light’ 


This autumn, Somerset House commissions artist, dancer and bodyworker SERAFINE1369 (Jamila Johnson-Small), a resident of Somerset House Studios as part of collaborative duo Project O, to present new installation We can no longer deny ourselves.  Unfolding over four spaces of the River Rooms, the installation explores systems that shape perceptions of time and is conceived as an ‘exploded clock’, with several interconnected elements including a multi-channel video work, sculptural objects within an immersive audio composition, and daily activations through live performance.  

Creating a space for the expansion, contraction and diffusion of time, We can no longer deny ourselves is a reflection on relationships between time and labour, bodies and capitalism. The work explores how these interplays can lead to working in opposition to circadian rhythms, our grief, and to the celestial bodies that connect all beings to the earth’s movements and root systems. The installation offers time as a tool of transcendence, opening up other dimensions or relations, as something non-linear, bodily, imaginary and spatial. You are invited to enter and spend time in the space as a place of contemplation and reflection.

Made in collaboration with Jackie Shemesh (Light Design) and Josh Anio Grigg (Sound Design). Curated by Rahila Haque.