03 – 07 Oct 2018
11.00-18.00 (FREE)
Theatre performances from 19.30 (£12.00)
Lancaster Rooms
New Wing

TBCTV, an installation bringing together visual art performance and theatre from Studios residents Mel Brimfield, Ewan Jones Morris and Chloe Lamford.

TBCTV © Anne Tetzlaff
TBCTV © Anne Tetzlaff

Transforming Somerset House’s Lancaster Rooms into a mock television studio, TBCTV presented rolling coverage across its six TV channels showing a range of moving image work including show reels, music videos and animations. Artists include Tamy Ben-Tor, Karolina Bregula, Sol Calero & Dafna Maimon, Brian DewanAndy Holden, Kalup LinzyRachel MacleanHeather Phillipson, Mary Reid Kelley, Jennet Thomas and Bedwyr Williams.

In the evening TBCTV went out live, with two new performances: Beginning to Endwritten by Mel Brimfield and co-directed by Mel Brimfield and Chloe Lamford; and Elevenses, written by Tim Price and directed by Finn den Hertog. Both performances star Arthur Darvill and Inès De Clerq.

TBCTV Photo © Anne Tetzlaff
TBCTV Photo © Anne Tetzlaff
TBCTV Photo © Anne Tetzlaff
TBCTV Photo © Anne Tetzlaff
TBCTV Trailer

Theatre performances

Mel Brimfield, Beginning to End
Performances daily from 03 - 07 Oct, 19.30
Running time 40 minutes

Beginning to End is a cascade of interleaving monologues by a cast of rowdy TV stars, switching between several unsettling programmes. 

A surreal set of encounters between the romantic leads of a soap opera collides with a spiritual guru leading a series of impossible-to-perform exercise routines. We fall into a rolling procession of increasingly bizarre product demonstrations, carried out by a pair of overly groomed presenters from a shopping network. As the action gathers pace, the space between the channels fractures and the jostling mob of disparate voices come together with unexpected results."

Tim Price,  Elevenses
Performances daily from 03 - 07 Oct, 20.30
Running time 40 minutes

Chaos has descended on Britain’s most popular daytime chat show. The familiar presenters have been caught in an on-air catastrophe, so a new face is thrust onto what remains of the sofa, to reassure the viewers. All he has to do is keep things calm, but he hasn’t seen the guest list.

TBCTV Photo © Anne Tetzlaff
TBCTV Photo © Anne Tetzlaff


All films on loop, daily.

Full schedule for TBCTV's Art channel:

Wed 03 Oct
Rachel Maclean, Feed Me

Thu 04 Oct
Kalup Linzy, Conversations Wit De Churen
Sol Calero & Dafna Maimon, Desde el Jardin

Fri 05 Oct
Michael Smith & Doug Skinner, Shane and Cory's Gallery OpeningDoug and Mike Weigh Their ChancesBehind the Scenes; Shane and CoryKaraoke Fun Song; Shop Talk
Brian DewanBefore the White Man CameDeuteronomyPackages
Michael Robinson, The Dark, Krystle; Mad Ladders; Hold Me Now

Sat 06 Oct
Andy Holden, Catharsis; Prelude
Heather Phillipson, Commiserations; put the goat in the goat boat; WHAT’S THE DAMAGE

Sun 07 Oct
Bedwyr Williams, Echt
Tamy Ben-Tor, Excerpts from works 2012-16
Jennet Thomas, Because of The War

Full schedule for TBCTV's Art 2 channel

Wed 03 Oct - Fri 05 Oct
Mary Reid Kelley, Minotaur Trilogy

Saturday 06 Oct - Sun 07 Oct
Karolina Bregula, The Tower

Artists featured on TBC TV’s other channels include:

Mark Aerial Waller, Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger, Benjamin Berg, Daria Blum, Hazel Brill, Tom Cardew & Katarina Rankovic, Sarah Cockings & Harriet Fleuriot, Collectif_fact, Phil Collins, Milo Creese, Amy Cutler, Rob Daglish, Nikita Daikar, Chris Paul Daniels, Hannah Dargavel-Leafe & Jack West, Phoebe Davies, Anita Delaney, Roy Efrat, Anna Eijsbouts, Bec Evans, Rob Flint, Samuel Fouracre, Robert Fox, Lisa Freeman, Vilte Fuller, Rachel Garber Cole, Rosie Gibbens, Dave Griffiths, Winston Hacking, Katie Handley, Felice Hapetzeder, Susannah Hewlett, Onyeka Igwe, Karl Ingar, Zoe Irvine & Pernille Spence, Matthew de Kersaint Gerdeau, John Lawrence, Shannon Lewis, Tasha Lizak-Naikauskas, Charlie Lynne, David Mackintosh, James McColl, Annie Morrells, Rebecca Moss, Cinzia Mutigli, Nowhere Mountain, Marijn Ottenhof, Molly Palmer, Nat Paton, Kevin John Pocock, Katerina Rankovic, Casey Raymond, Sean Reynard, Joey Rykien, Natalie Sharp, Natalia Skobeeva, Aoi Swimming & Mikio Saito, Paul Tarrago, Thu Tran, Charlie Tweed, Puck Verkade, Dominic Watson, Demelza Watts, Rowan Wrigley, Shino Yanai.

TBCTV was supported by the Case Foundation and the Art Fund.