Murat Adash, One in the Other (Part 1), 2018 (1,1,2)

The Body Series: To the UNKNOWN

Sat 28 Mar 2020
16.00 - 20.30
Lancaster Rooms
New Wing

The Body Series is a new programme of four events focused on the exploration of feminism, sexuality and expression through text, movement and sound.

For this edition of The Body Series, A---Z examines the gaze on the ‘other’ and its representation, its definition for new possibilities through sci-fi narratives and alternative technologies.

To the UNKNOWN will unfold through discussions, performances, and screenings counteracting homogenization & imperialist historicizing – asking how we create a platform to question and defy the norm, what are the options, solutions & human representations we can explore for new possibilities.

is an exploratory/nomadic curatorial platform produced by cultural producer & researcher Anne Duffau. Exploring artistic practices & knowledge exchange through collaborations, presentations, soundscapes, screenings & discussions A---Z aims at opening up to audiences by sharing discursive practices in order to challenge preconceived ideas on race, gender identities and the so-called history in terms of power relationship. Anne has collaborated in various projects with ArtLicks, CGP Gallery, Mimosa House, V22, Danielle Arnaud, Please Stand By, or-bits .com, jury member at PAF Olomouc & Tenderflix. She is co-curating Dark Water Series with Tai Shani. She works at the Royal College of Art as the Curriculum and Special Projects Coordinator for the School of Arts & Humanities, used to run the StudioRCA Riverlight presenting A---Z projects (2016-2018). Anne is currently a Tutor at the RCA Contemporary Art Programme & at the RCA School of Communication.

Full programme TBA.