Screening & Performance
Somerset House Studios

The Voices of A Tempest | Act II: Embrace

Tue 24 Jan 2022
River Rooms
New Wing

The second event in A---Z’s programme The Voices of A Tempest in Three Acts - a series of readings, screenings, performances and discussions in conjunction with Gallery 31 show The Voices of A Tempest.  

Embrace: To accept something enthusiastically, to include something as one of the number of things.

Featuring film screenings from Murat Adash and Michelle Williams Gamaker, live performances by Matt Carter and Guy Ronen, and a reading with Sarah Howe & JJ Chan. Philomène Pirecki rounds off the evening with a DJ set.  

Expanding the Gallery 31 show’s emphasis on storytelling and fictional activism, The Voices of A Tempest in Three Acts furthers the exhibition’s alignment with modes of resistance, resilience and alternative futures through a series of evening events taking place across The Voices of A Tempest’s duration.

About the artists

Murat Adash

Murat Adash is an artist and researcher working across live performance, moving image, sound, installation and writing. Through a performance- and movement-based practice, Murat creates choreographies in a range of media that seek to explore the ephemeral nature of physical boundaries – particularly regarding the dynamic edges between bodies and the spaces in which they come together. Beyond the idea of animal or insect mimicry, Murat has been developing a performative research body that rethinks the phenomenon of camouflage as a spatial act, a process through which the self is negotiated in and through space – processes that are intrinsic to choreography as well.

Matt Carter

Matt Carter is an artist living and working in London. His practice comprises of and often combines different forms of cultural production including video, sound, text, performance, design and curation.

JJ Chan

JJ Chan is an artist working across and amid sculpture, moving image and writing. Their work draws from their lived experience and stories stolen from eavesdropped conversations to explore the edges of our realities in constructing identities.

Sarah Howe

Sarah Howe’s work explores expanded portraiture and self-portraiture, to produce wide-ranging outputs, from photography and writing to large-scale multimedia installations. The works engage with individuals and communities to develop frameworks for presenting visual and spoken narratives, around themes of identity, empathy and health.

Michelle Williams Gamaker

Michelle Williams Gamaker is an artist working in moving image. She interrogates cinematic artifice, deploying characters as fictional activists to critique the imperialist storytelling in 20th-century British/Hollywood studio films.

Her work screened at BFI FLARE LGBTQ+ Film Festival (2017), BFI’s LFF Experimenta (2018, 2021) and is in the Arts Council Collection. She is joint winner of Film London’s Jarman Award 2020, which toured to LUX Scotland, Nottingham Contemporary, g39, Spike Island, Towner Eastbourne, Whitechapel Gallery, The MAC and AEMI. Williams Gamaker is recipient of the Stuart Croft Moving Image Award 2020 and a Decolonising the Archive Research Residency 2021 (UAL Decolonising Arts Institute). Her latest film The Bang Straws (2021) will premiere this autumn at BFI LFF Experimenta 2021 and is also in the Official Selection for Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

Philomène Pirecki 

Philomène Pirecki lives and works in London. She is a multidisciplinary artist working with photography, painting, sculpture and sound. Pirecki has exhibited or performed at Somerset House, London (2019), Café Oto, London (2019); Wysing Polyphonic, Cambridge (2018); South London Gallery, London (2018); Supplement, NYC (2017) and Chelsea Space, London (2016).

In 2013 Pirecki was shortlisted for the Max Mara Art Prize for Women. She co-runs Casa Delirium clubnight & sound programme. She is currently a resident artist at Somerset House Studios, London. Pirecki will release her first EP later this year.

Guy Ronen

Guy Ronen is an artist working between video, sound, text, technology, and installations. Across different mediums, they question and explore the potential of storytelling as a capacious tool for expression and a path through which to negotiate existing fictional and embodied structures. Weaving together found footage, lived experience and speculative material, Guy begins with a search after a common language punctuated by intimacy, slippage and difference. By situating together opaque fragments - grains of pollen, dialects of sunbirds, barks of eucalyptus, archives of technical difficulties – Guy seeks after echoes of landscapes of actualised otherwises in the stories that emerge in-between the cracks of linearity and sense.  


A—Z presents works that focus on unbuilding systems of oppressions in terms of gender and racial identities. They are interested in empowerment in deconstructing racist and sexist structures and generating alternative (hi)stories in exploring personal experiences and non-linear, re-enacted storytelling. In line with this proposition, language and other forms of expression, from the bodily to the non-descriptive, are given a platform to create new ways of thinking and working together. The emphasis is placed not only on the audiences’ relation to the works, but also how various means of presenting politically-engaged work can become an activist practice, looking at practices that align with modes of resistances, resilience and positive/alternative futures. 

Anne Duffau is a cultural producer, researcher, and founder of A—Z, an exploratory/nomadic curatorial platform. A---Z aims at opening up to audiences by sharing discursive practices in order to challenge preconceived ideas on race, gender identities and the so-called history in terms of power relationship. Anne was the interim curator at Wysing for the Polyphonic Festival 2020/2021 Editions, & a Tutor at the Royal College of Art’s Contemporary Art Practice Programme. She is part of the collective and Décalé. She produces live music under Alpha through several projects and collaborations (Décalé, MAENADS, Polisonics).

Image Credit: Matt Carter, _>_II_I<<__[DROPOUT GLITCH], 2022