A photo of Elaine Mitchener working at a table, constructing an uknown object, In the background you can see  people sat watching.
In person & Online
Somerset House Studios

The Wire: Music By Any Means

07 - 28 Oct
18.45 - 20.30

These in person events will also be streamed live from Somerset House. If you are unable to join us on the evening, each recording will be archived and available to view via a ticketed link. 

Lancaster Rooms
& Online

A series of three talks programmed by The Wire magazine looking at different strategies and systems for making music and organising sound. 

Music By Any Means has been designed to show how anything can become music, from objects to actions, archives to rituals, and how anyone can make it, regardless of any previous musical experience or ability. In the process of demystifying the processes of sound organisation and music making, the series will illuminate other ways of being in the world through sound, bypassing existing orthodoxies to enable and empower new creative activity.  
The talks, which will include demonstrations and performances, will be presented by O YAMA O (Rie Nakajima and Keiko Yamamoto), People Like Us (Vicki Bennett), and Elaine Mitchener; all artists who use aspects of film, theatre, performance, visual art and other practices to inform and develop new and distinctive approaches to making music and organising sound. 
Music By Any Means will be available to audiences both onsite and online, with each event broadcast live from Somerset House Studios. 

Header image: Elaine Mitchener by Mike Cameron.

The Wire is an independent monthly music magazine covering a dynamic global network of underground, experimental and alternative musics. Founded in 1982, the magazine recently published its 450th issue. The Wire is based at Somerset House in central London.