A crowd assembled for the launch of 'UTOPIA 2016'

Our Team

The Director of Somerset House Trust is Jonathan Reekie CBE.


Baroness Rebuck, DBE
Sophie Turner Laing (Deputy Chair)
Martine d'Anglejan Chatillon
Alix Burge
Jennifer Duvalier
Brian Eno
Carol Fairweather
Paul Goswell                      
Melanie Hall
Dawid Konotey-Ahulu
Monica Monajem
Jonathan Newhouse
Jessica Tamsedge
Peter Williams                                         

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Jonathan Reekie CBE (Director)
Georgi Kwok Taroni (Trust Coordinator and Directorate Assistant)
Kirby Gilsenan (Trust Coordinator and Directorate Assistant - interim)

Commercial Events, Development & Visitor Experience

Diana Spiegelberg (Deputy Director)

Jenny Freestone (Commercial Director)
Stephanie Bevan-Moss (Head of Operations)
Kara Clark (Head of Projects)
Luci Sorrell (Head of Sales)
Rebecca Moore (Head of Operations - on leave)
Rali Nenova (Sales & Marketing Manager)
Hannah Newby (Project Manager)
Gail Palmer (Project Manager)
Hannah Avins (Event Executive)
Jessica Porritt (Event Manager)
Jordan Page (Event Manager)
Nicole Douay (Event Manager)
Alana Sahadevan (Event Planner)
Samantha Hurley (Events Executive)
Laura Walmsley (Event Assistant)
Fyn Dobson (Project & Operations Assistant)

Andrea Ioannou (Head of Development)
Hannah Struve (Brand Partnership Manager)
Amy Warner (Development Manager)
Sarah Pettifor (Development Manager)
Tayla Banks (Brand Partnerships Executive)
Joe Browning (Development Assistant)

Lee Thomson (Head of Visitor Experience)
Helena Grimmer (Visitor Experience Manager)
Heather Hammer (Visitor Experience Manager - on leave)
Lauren Holden (Visitor Experience Manager)
Tabitha Wilson (Assistant Visitor Experience Manager)
Ed Leeds (Assistant Visitor Experience Manager)
Ossie Williams (Visitor Experience Administrator)
Francis Keeley (Customer Relations Officer)

Finance, People and Inclusion, Legal and IT

Samantha Gilburd (Chief Operating Officer)

Paul Ferguson (Governance Manager/Assistant Company Secretary)

Darren Heath (Head of Legal & Business Affairs)

Kim Bowden (Interim Finance Director)

Margaret Kenney (People Director)

Stuart Winter (Head of IT)

Cultural Programme & Somerset House Studios

Cliff Lauson (Director of Exhibitions)
Stephanie Bush (Head of Exhibitions Management)
Claire Catterall (Senior Curator)
William Seung (Assistant Curator)
Khurshid Mehtiyeva (Exhibitions Manager)
Grace Perrett (Exhibitions Manager)
Ali Quine (Exhibitions Manager)
Joel Furness (Exhibitions Manager)
Vaishna Surjid (Exhibitions Assistant)
Ailinn Santos (Exhibitions Administrator)

Matthew Cook (Head of Live Events)
Morgan Robinson (Production Manager – Events)
Nick Aston (Production Manager)
Vikki Mizon (Senior Producer)
Lucy Troy (Producer)
Niamh Caines (Producer)
Ivie Bartlett (Producing Coordinator)
Luis Almonacid (Production Assistant)

Thomas Malcherczyk (Technical Production Manager)

Ahmet Ahmet (Head of Inclusive Talent Engagement)
Ibukun Adebambo (Producer, Inclusive Talent Engagement)
Sophie Harley (Inclusive Talent Programmes Manager)

Marie McPartlin (Director, Somerset House Studios)
Emma Hannon (Head of Studios)
Huw Thomas (Programmer / Producer)
Laurent John (Producer)
Harry Leek (Studio Coordinator)
Louise Jesi (Studios and Digital Assistant)

Eleanor Scott (Head of Digital)
Helena Geilinger (Digital Producer)
Cheryl Osei (Digital Content Producer)
Yvonne Zhang (Filmmaker – Self Shooting Director/Director of Photography/Editor)

Marketing and Press

Tom Robertson (Director of Marketing and Audiences)
Richard Thompson (Marketing Manager)
Michelle Evans (Marketing Manager)
Daniel Roberts (Website Manager)
Takis Zontiros (Social Media Manager)
Hope Cunningham (Social Media Officer)
Leonor Franco Vidal (Ticketing & CRM Manager)
Mateusz Mirek (Ticketing & CRM Officer)
Freddy Mills (Graphic Designer)

Stephanie Pilling (Head of PR)
Georgina Collins (Senior Press Officer)
Erica Davletov (Press Assistant)


Mick Figg (Head of Buildings)
Greg Van Duin (Head of Facilities Management)
Jon Piper (Estates Manager)
Omar Amin (Assistant Facilities Manager)

Penelope Wilmott (Head of Residents & Retail)
Sarah Coleman (Resident Community Manager)
Aniela Murphy (Resident Communications & Sales Manager)
Rory Tibbatts (Resident Operations Manager)
Helen Corke (Resident Operations Manager - interim)
Cordula Kastner (Resident Programme Coordinator)
Harriet Dopson (Receptionist)
Nikki Darby (Receptionist)
Jelica Obician (Exchange Manager)
Rebecca Carberry (Exchange Community Manager)
Adna Ahmed (Programme Manager – Black Business Incubator)
Bart Seng Wen Long (Exchange Coordinator)
Jeffrey Oyinlola (Programme Administrator – Black Business Incubator)
Hadass Ormandy-Neale (Retail Buyer & Operations Manager)
Katherine O’Sullivan (Senior Residents Manager)
Evie Murphy (Resident Administrator)
Emma Ogbonda-Jardine (Resident Administrator)    

Creative Ambassadors

Brian Eno, Chair (Trustee)
Femi Adeymi
Laurie Anderson
Ruth Daniel
Es Devlin
Imogen Heap
Marcus Lyon
Fotini Markopoulou
Simon McBurney
Wayne McGregor

Development Advisory Board members

Monica Monajem, Chair (Trustee)
Rupert Adams
Karina de Brabant
Felicia Brocklebank
Brendan Finucane QC
Jeremy Joseph
Kanika Kumar
Camilla Lowther
Brooke Metcalfe
Jasmin Pelham
Emma Sherrard Matthew
Yini Zhang