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Somerset House Supporters' Court

Somerset House Supporters’ Court is a group of patrons who share our passion for showcasing ground-breaking contemporary culture, for supporting today’s artists and giving opportunities to the next generation of creative practitioners and who want to ensure that the historic site remains well maintained and available for the public to enjoy.

We offer our Supporters’ Court patrons a rich programme of behind-the-scenes events and insights, early access to our cultural programme and opportunities to connect with our resident artists..

We are very grateful to all our Supporters’ Court patrons for their support.

Membership to our patron scheme include a benefits value, which reflects the actual cost of the subscription, and a suggested donation. The memberships can be purchased at the benefit value and all the benefits listed within each level of membership can be purchased separately. Any additional amounts are donations and are eligible for Gift Aid. We are incredibly grateful for both the donations and the Gift Aid we receive from our patrons as these enable us to continue to support young creatives and develop our dynamic cultural programme of gigs, films and exhibitions.