A digital graphic of abstract green shapes and a blue white light in the middle of the frame.
Online Event
Somerset House Studios


24 Nov - 20 Dec 2020

A programme of digital installations, films, presentations, and performances exploring image, sound and digital art.

Somerset House Studios continues its partnership with MUTEK and the British Council on Amplify Digital Arts Initiative, a residency that connects and empowers an active network of women-identifying artists and professionals working in the digital arts, sound and immersive storytelling sectors in Canada, Latin America and the UK.

As part of the residency, we present a selection of digital artworks, some of which were originally presented as part of MUTEK’s virtual exhibition Distant Arcades, alongside live streamed music performances and artist presentations and discussion exploring how we create art in a time of crisis.

In partnership with British Council and MUTEK. Canadian Amplify artists are supported by the British Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.