A photo of an installation artwork by Sonya Dyer. It depicts a black sculpture hanging from the ceiling in a white room.
Online Event

Art Night: Sonya Dyer

Tue 13 Jul 2021
Online Event

For Art Night Sonya Dyer presents a new moving image work, reimagining the story of Andromeda – the Aethiopian princess of Greek myth – across time and Space.

Sonya Dyer’s commission for Art Night 2021 continues Hailing Frequencies Open, her ongoing body of work intersecting the Greek myth and constellation of Andromeda, actor Nichelle Nicols’ astronaut recruitment activism and the complex genesis of HeLa cells, the first human materials sent into Space.

Dyer is developing a moving image work involving performance, animation and morse code. The work will utilise movement, drumming and Space landscapes, opening a conduit between the Andromeda galaxy and Earth. Continuing the epic world building characteristic of the Hailing Frequencies Open project, speculative fiction, social justice and art history all collide.

A co-commission by Art Night and Somerset House, with support from the Adonyeva Foundation.