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Music & Workshops
Somerset House Studios

Assembly 2020

Until 22 Sep 2021

Presenting a special digital edition of ASSEMBLY, featuring five new sound works.

Somerset House Studios' shape-shifting series ASSEMBLY returns for a third iteration with the presentation of five newly commissioned sound works. With each composition produced using state-of-the-art spatial sound technology, the annual music programme finds a new architecture online through the creation of assembly2020.co, a newly developed immersive listening platform.    
ASSEMBLY 2020 premieres five new online spatial sound works over five nights from Loraine James, Kelman Duran, Zadie Xa, Ben Vince and Lafawndah, showcasing material developed during a four-month artist residency at Somerset House Studios. Composed in collaboration with resident spatial sound producers Call & Response, these five original works see the artists explore new innovations within the fields of immersive listening; compositions that, housed within an interactive three-dimensional environment, will invite audiences to listen, visualise and navigate sound in new ways. 

Ahead of each evening’s presentation, each artist will unpack the processes and inspiration behind their new work in a programme of broadcasted in conversations. Audiences are also invited to take part in online and on-site introductory workshops exploring the possibilities of spatialised listening and production, open to all levels.

Assembly 2020 Programme

Wed 23 Sep
18.00: Zadie Xa in conversation with Tamar Clarke-Brown
19.00: Zadie Xa: Moon Poetics 4 Courageous Earth Critters and Dangerous Day Dreamers

Thu 24 Sep
18.00: Kelman Duran in conversation with Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura
19.00: Kelman Duran: A Last … Cinema

Fri 25 Sep
18.00: Loraine James in conversation with Shannen SP
19.00: Loraine James: (Untitled)

Sat 26 Sep
18.00: Lafawndah in conversation with Christelle Oyiri
19.00: Lafawndah: Antinomy

Sun 27 Sep
18.00: Ben Vince in conversation with Coby Sey
19.00: Ben Vince: Falling into Time

Following five nights of premieres, all of ASSEMBLY 2020's audio works will be available to experience via assembly2020.co's archive from Mon 28 Sep.

Thu 08 Oct (Online)
18.00: Introduction to 3D Audio for Online Platforms

Sat 10 Oct (Onsite)
14.00: Music Production with Spatial Sound (Session One)

Sun 10 Oct (Onsite)
14.00: Music Production with Spatial Sound (Session Two)

Assembly 2020's artist residency programme Sonic Terrains is supported by Jerwood Arts' Development Programme Fund.

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