Somerset House Studios

Ben Vince: Falling into Time

Sun 27 Sep 2020

Dynamic saxophonist and composer Ben Vince shares his new work, Falling into Time as part of ASSEMBLY 2020.

Ben Vince is a dynamic saxophonist and composer, with improvisation, live-looping and manipulation being core elements in his work. Through a focus on texture, energy, and utilising the psychoacoustic properties of a space, Vince seeks to create an active vibrational experience; a space to transcend. 

Across his artistic output, the endeavour for balance and honesty in expression is sustained – present in both his sculptural approach to the recording process and the search for a vibrational language within the unique time-space event of a live performance.  

This interest in time, and our relationship to it, is fundamental to Vince’s new work for ASSEMBLY, Falling into Time. An exercise in submitting oneself to the present moment, it is a work of dense energy, representing a distillation of feelings and emotions in times of global uncertainty and tension.  

Collaborating with spatial sound producers Call & Response across his four-month residency has allowed Ben to experiment with the intricacies of spatialised audio, enabling an opportunity to explore the visual elements of sound in their multiplicity. Through a collage approach to arrangement, Vince’s immersive new work aims to create a reflexive environment in which the audience can experience multiple dynamic forces and a heightened level of consciousness. Falling into Time creates a channel to the self through sensual immersion and transcendence. 

Assembly 2020's artist residency programme Sonic Terrains is supported by Jerwood Arts' Development Programme Fund.

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