Wed 24 Jul 2019

DEFRAG: Deep Fakes

Wed 24 July 2019
18.45 - 20.30
Pay What You Can

The work of our artists is valuable and our events cost money to produce, but we also want them to be as accessible as possible. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to pay what you can for this event.

New Wing

DEFRAG returns for another series investigating the myriad ways that technology continues to change culture and society.

New technologies have often afforded people who have the resources to access them, or the technical knowledge of how to use them, the chance to create hoaxes, forge documents or commit fraud. 

Recently "deep fakes" or doctored videos of politicians, public figures or celebrities saying things they have actually never said, have started something of a panic in the media. Perhaps legitimately some people are asking questions such as "what are the chances for truth and democracy in a world where AI can be used to put words into someone else's mouth?" Join us for an investigation into the use of emerging AI technologies for nefarious and artistic purposes with some of the artists on the frontline of this new phenomena.


Bill Posters
Bill Posters is an artist-researcher and facilitator who is interested in art as research and critical practice. Poster’s works often interrogate persuasion architectures that exist in public space and online using network-based, collaborative interventions.

Posters has extended his praxis to focus on exploring computational forms of propaganda and the associated architectures that define the Digital Influence Industry. This marks a natural progression for the former street artist into an alternate ‘commons’ and reveals interesting territory for the application of detournement theory on contemporary issues concerning computational propaganda, dataism, surveillance capitalism and democracy. Several of his projects have received global media coverage in print, radio and TV.

Posters is a published author on the subjects of subvertising, protest art and computational propaganda. His latest book is due for release by Laurence King in Spring 2020. His work is held in both public and private collections.

Libby Heaney
Libby Heaney is an artist, researcher and tutor at the Royal College of Art. Libby combines her background in quantum computing and fine art to critically consider the future impacts of new technologies such as machine learning and quantum computing with a focus on class, gender, pop culture, language and (un)storytelling. She takes a range of approaches when making work which are often drawn from her experience working in quantum science, such as blurring, combining, remixing, weaving so that she 'diffract' standard conceptions of ’truth’ into strange new forms to question orthodoxies and to explore alternatives. 

Libby has exhibited in the UK and internationally. She has spoken about her work widely and has published over 20 papers in international art and physics journals. She has received commissions and funding from the Goethe Institute, Sky Arts, British Council, Arts Council England among others.

Curated by Jake Charles Rees in association with Somerset House Studios.