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Voicing the Emergency: Finding a new language for climate change

With Do The Green Thing

Sat 27 Apr 2019
12.00 - 16.00
Courtyard Rooms
South Wing

Join Do The Green Thing and Somerset House for ‘Voicing the Emergency’, the cut-and-stick workshop for people who want to explore new ways to talk about our environmental breakdown, and make some great posters in the process.

It’s the biggest emergency we’ve ever faced. And ‘climate change’ doesn’t sound the alarm.

In their first workshop with Somerset House, Do the Green Thing invites visitors to explore new ways to talk about the global environmental breakdown.

Families and friends are all welcome to drop-in at any time during the workshop to join the movement towards positive change.

Do the Green Thing is an environmental non-profit that has worked with over 500 world-class creatives to inspire over 45 million people to live more sustainably.