Family friendly

Family Wild Life Drawing: Exotic Mammals

Wed 05 Apr 2017
11.00-13.00 & 14.00-16.00
£30.00 (combined ticket 1 adult & 1 child aged 8+)
South Wing
Somerset House

Wild Life Drawing is a drawing class with a difference. Instead of human life models, the subjects are real animals. 

This Easter at Somerset House, Wild Life Drawing will be welcoming a variety of exotic mammals and exploring the different habitats across the globe that these animals call home. We will be meeting and drawing Skunks, Sugar Gliders, Pygmy Hedgehogs and a Ground Squirrel named Pringle. Skunks are found across North American woodland and are best known for their defensive weapon – their powerful odour spray! Don’t worry – our skunks are very calm and used to humans so there will be no danger of them kicking up a stink. Sugar Gliders are small nocturnal creatures that are part of the possum family and spend their lives in the canopy of the Australian Rainforest. Pygmy Hedgehogs (or Four-toed Hedgehogs) are highly energetic mammals native to the savannahs of central Africa. And Ground Squirrels (also known as Flickertail Squirrels) reside on the grassy plains of North American and are fascinating homemakers – creating intricate underground burrows with separate areas for sleeping and food storage.

© Spencer Wilton

During the session, the class will be introduced to each of the animals by our expert animal handler. As well as drawing, we will learn all about their lives in the wild, the complex care these animals require and any current conservation issues facing this species. The class will be led through a series of fun drawing exercises to start, with plenty of tips on drawing animals from life. All levels of ability are welcome at this class, including children of 8 years and above and drawing tutor Jennie Webber will be on hand throughout for any artistic guidance. All drawing materials are supplied, including paper, but please feel free to bring colours or any dry media you might like to use.

© Spencer Wilton

Wild Life Drawing was founded Jennie Webber, a London-based visual artist, educator and animal lover. The project was created in 2014 with the intention of inspiring people with the wonder of nature through drawing and now regular classes are held across a variety of venues throughout the UK. Wild Life Drawing works only with the finest animal sanctuaries, charities and small selection of trusted animal handlers to put on these events. These animals are well used to travelling, different environments and happy interacting with humans. They will be attending with two experienced animal handlers that care for these animals as well as rehoming other unwanted pets or rescue animals. Every precaution and preparation has been made to ensure a calm and comfortable journey and environment for these animals; the welfare of the animals is our utmost priority.

© Spencer Wilton

Wild Life Drawing is open to all levels of ability. The ticket price includes entry for one adult and one child over 8 years. Unfortunately we are not able to admit children under 8 years of age for this event. Children will be allowed to interact with some of the animals under supervision from the animal handlers. Please note only one child will be admitted with each ticket, no siblings or additional children can attend even if they are not participating in the activity.