Forest Fringe Amateurs Club Electronic Music, image by Ira Brand
Art club
Somerset House Studios

Forest Fringe: The Amateurs Club - Electronic Music

Thu 16 Nov 2017
18.45 - 20.45
River Rooms
New Wing

The place where professional artists of all kinds can come to be amateurs.

The Amateurs Club invites you to dive into the world of electronic music and DJ’ing, inspired by the importance of dance music as a tool and material in social spaces, and in the making of art. 

We start from the belief that music and collective spaces for listening and dancing to music can be transformational, and that live performance can be transformational. We want to explore how this might be the same or different, what one can learn from the other, and whether making our own music might be transformational too. This is not about making theatre that looks like a club, or a club that wants to be watched like theatre. But we will try and learn some things about how and why this kind of music is made from some people who make it. We will talk and think about the political and philosophical potentials of dance floors, of gathering in clubs, of moving your body to music, and what it means to make your own sounds for other bodies to move to.

November’s Amateurs Club is hosted by Ira Brand with special guest/s to be announced.

The Amateurs Club is a new monthly art club initiated by Forest Fringe following their final season at the Edinburgh Festival. The club is a factory where no one knows how to operate the machinery but where, with any luck, nobody will be injured. A place where professional artists of all kinds can come to be amateurs, a club where everyone is welcome and committed to collective unknowing, and plunge in anyway. Together in this space willing participants will meet, explore, exchange, discuss, imagine and experiment. Most importantly, it is a space for doing things, or for learning how to do things, from cinematography to civil disobedience to founding a political party. 

A different member of Forest Fringe will lead each event, inviting a guest to speak on a them

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