Art club
Thu 14 Dec 2018

Forest Fringe: The Amateurs Club - Games

Thu 14 Dec
18.45 - 20.45
River Rooms
New Wing

The place where professional artists of all kinds can come to be amateurs.

December - as the nights draw in and the celsius falls our thoughts turn to staying in. To celebrate the approach of winter and the collective drift homewards that it brings with it, join Forest Fringe for a night of games that can be played in the comfort of your own home (or somebody else’s).

This month's Amateurs Club asks us to consider the value of games and what we can do with them; what games teach us about our relationships to each other and the world around us. Games will be played - some might be board games or card games or hiding games. Some might be games of chance, others games of risk. Some will be enchanting, some will just be really, really stupid.

Hosted by Forest Fringe co-directors Andy Field and Deborah Pearson and featuring a line-up of Forest Fringe artists and friends, each will tell us about their favourite game, learnt or invented, before we split up into groups and attempt to create our own new games to take away with us.

Join us out of the cold for a night of weird indoor fun, for you, your friends and whatever you think of as family.

The Amateurs Club is a new monthly art club initiated by Forest Fringe following their final season at the Edinburgh Festival. The club is a factory where no one knows how to operate the machinery but where, with any luck, nobody will be injured. A place where professional artists of all kinds can come to be amateurs, a club where everyone is welcome and commited to collective unknowing, and plunge in anyway. Together in this space willing participants will meet, explore, exchange, discuss, imagine and experiment. Most importantly, it is a space for doing things, or for learning how to do things, from cinematography to civil disobedience to founding a political party.

A different member of Forest Fringe will lead each event, inviting a guest to speak on a theme.

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