A photo of a young boy smiling, with a second exposure of a boy looking downwards, and angled to the right. Superimposed on these two images is a drawing of a face smoking, whilst wearing a durag. Next to the drawing are the words 'Piece of Mind'
Somerset House Studios

Gallery 31: Piece of Mind

Curated by Harlesden High Street

01 Apr - 17 Jul 2022
Mon – Sun 10.00 – 18.00
New Wing

Piece of Mind is a new exhibition curated by Harlesden High Street, an art space which celebrates ungentrified neighbourhoods of London and provides resources for underrepresented artists, exploring the effects of the changing function of our intimate domestic spaces.

Curated by Lucía Ríos González and Jonny Tanna, Piece of Mind explores the effects of the changing functions of our intimate domestic spaces, where we increasingly carry out more work, social and leisure activities.

Presenting a range of multi-media works from Ocean Baulcombe-Toppin, 雅 YA + Casandra Burrell, Farrah Riley Gray, Tyreis Holder, KO___OL and Anna Sebastian, the exhibition draws its focus on the bedroom, a space which is often the main environment for these activities.

Abstractly evoking a suspended instance inside the mind of an individual, a hypothetical worker of late capitalism, the show seeks to unpack how a space once intimate, private and familiar, can become increasingly contested by outside influences, from long working hours and temporary contracts to virtual social currency, warping the divisions between productive and resting times.

As these boundaries increasingly blur, Piece of Mind explores the challenge of true rest - or peace of mind - and its psychological effect, as our minds are increasingly required to compartmentalise our lives in a way our spaces no longer can.   

A number of artworks in Piece of Mind are available for purchase. For all enquiries, please contact harry.leek@somersethouse.org.uk 

Supported by the Foyle Foundation

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