An old painting of an angel playing a mandolin, with text that reads cycle~440
Online Event
Wed 20 May

Harmony and Tuning Workshop for Max

with Daniel Evans aka PEB

Wed 20 May
18.30 – 20.00

As part of Mutant Promise's digital programme with Somerset House Studios, Dan Evans will lead a Max workshop focused on harmony and tonality in digital music making.

The workshop will describe different ways of approaching harmony and tonality in digital music making, led by Dan Evans aka √p38.

Max/MSP will be used to explore these alternative forms and perspectives on tuning, offering a thread from the present back through the entire history of global music making and communities.

It will offer an escape from the restrictive world of 12 tone equal temperament (12TET) and into an ‘anything goes’ chordal world. DAWs and the increasing westernisation of the global musical lexicon have resulted in a hegemonic place for 12TET.

This workshop is open to all levels, with no prior skills in programming required. 


  • A laptop with Max installed on it. You can download a 30 day free trial here 
  • A pair of headphones

If you’ve never heard of Max and want to see how it works, there are a few videos to get started on the Cycling'74 Youtube channel

About the Artists

Daniel S. Evans is a musician, educator and amateur folklorist. He also controls the amorphous parliament of owls known as peb. Whilst not wrangling raptors he can be found vibrating strings in the Shovel Dance Collective, teaching primary school computing or assisting computer science students at Goldsmiths, University of London. Although his aspirational home is amongst the mystical brass of the Pennines, or the gnostic angels, he makes do with the grey ring road we call London.

Mutant Promise is a programming, producing and artist booking platform supporting the work of musicians who combine a DIY and workshop practice with their performance, composition and release work.
Taking its title from Adam Harper’s ‘Evolution of Post-Internet Music’, Mutant Promise encapsulates a desire to work with artists who are restless with their medium, whose practice is to continually hack, modify, invent - mutate - the tools and instruments which they're given. The 'promise' is the certainty of the push forward that defines these tools, and how this process shapes new artistic practices in return.