A pastel blue and yellow gra[hic that displays the words 'Hope in the Heat' in ornate curly font, in capitals.
Online Event

Hope in the Heat

Launching Tue 25 May

Exploring and imagining hopeful visions of a climate altered tomorrow, with the Somerset House Future Producers and Studios resident Superflux.

Hope in the Heat is a new collection of works examining and reflecting upon the environmental choices and decisions which impact society today.

With speculative design and art studio Superflux, the six Future Producers have developed their own perspectives and visions for other possible worlds; from intergalactic intimacy and space travel envisioned through the Black queer gaze, to plant generated poetry and post-colonial herbology.

Via a dedicated site designed by Studio Koseda, this online experience brings together the Future Producers’ interactive works, visual displays and films, as well as essays and interviews with the emerging creatives. 

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"The way a society imagines its future matters. And who gets to do the imagining matters.”

Oliver Morton, Planet Remade

About the Future Producers

The Future Producers Programme was launched in 2020. It provides a public platform for young people's work, facilitates introductions to collaborators and mentors, and offers regular meets for groups to support and advise on all areas of successfully launching new cultural events.

The Future Producers working on this project are:

Cherece Lucina
Francesca Rechere
Jessie Zhang
Okocha Obasi
Valeria Toro
Zahrah Vawda

This work has been made possible by the Emerging Futures Fund, a new initiative from the National Lottery Community Fund in response to conversations that emerged over the course of the year about the future beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Our project is a paid opportunity, one of 51 initiatives that aim to ensure a diverse range of communities have a chance to contribute to and shape those future.

About Superflux

Superflux is a critically acclaimed art and design studio imagining plural futures at the intersections of climate crisis, technology and more-than-human politics.

Founded by Anab Jain and Jon Ardern the studio’s work imagines and builds future worlds we can experience in the present moment. By creating new ways of seeing, being and acting, their work challenges us to question the decisions we make today, and inspires us to fight for a future worth living for. Superflux’s work has been described in the press as “powerful”,  “stirring and “electrifying”. 

Over the last decade the studio has delivered creative innovation projects for organisations such as Google AI, Govt. of UAE, Cabinet Office UK, Mozilla, DeepMind, UNDP and Omidyar Network. Simultaneously, they have produced immersive installations that have been exhibited across the world including Centre for Contemporary Culture Barcelona, ArtScience Museum Singapore, National Museum of China, MoMA, V&A Museum, La Biennale de Venezia and Vienna Biennale for Change. 

This is a paid opportunity supported by the National Lottery Community Fund’s Emerging Futures Fund.  

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