Somerset House Studios

Hotline: Jamila Johnson-Small and Sara Sassanelli

Thu 27 Apr 2017
New Wing

Hotline / chatline / in-conversation, connected and selected by Studio's resident Jamila Johnson-Small, and Sara Sassanelli.

HOTLINE aims to be a casual, critical space for debate and interaction. An itinerant space for provocations and opinions, beyond your bedroom and beyond your Facebook feed. A space to get inside the heads of other people - be they artists, performers, friends, friends of friends or unknowns - to spread the love the hate the ambivalence the complexity the conversation. This editions presentations come from associate lecturer at Birkbeck and Goldsmiths University Sita Balani, artist / activist Jacob V Joyce and Block Universe founder Louise O'Kelly. 

Each HOTLINE session takes place in a different space – we’re interested in the ways that environment affects conversation and we're running from formality and institutionalisation. We are interested in the growing demand for artists to be present, in ways beyond the show/exhibition/text. We ‘curate’ - if you can call it that - the events based on our own intrigue and attractions, and there are no given themes or topics of conversation.

Jamila Johnson-Small is one half of performance collaboration Project O, resident at Somerset House Studios.

This is an unfunded event and all box office income goes back into the project and towards presenter fees.