A graphic created for Jazmin Morris. In the top right corner is a photo of Jazmin, who is smiling and wearing glasses. This is overlaid on a graphic background of a yellow circuit board. Bottom left is an image depicting grey figurine women w/ weapons.
Online Event
Somerset House Studios

Jazmin Morris: Representation in Cyberspace

Sat 27 Nov 2021
Pay What You Can

Join creative computing artist and educator Jazmin Morris as she unpacks her practice situated around representation and inclusivity within technology.

In this online session Jazmin Morris asks: who are the gatekeepers of knowledge, and what can we do to collectively educate each other? What does a platform centred around marginalised people look like? Why should we all be inspired by the open-source community?  

This event is presented as part of Mutant Promise: Going Platinum! 

About Jazmin Morris

Jazmin Morris is a Creative Computing Artist and Educator based in London. Her personal practice and research explore representation and inclusivity within technology. She uses free and open-source tools to create digital experiences that highlight issues surrounding gender identity, race and power; focusing on the complexities within simulating culture and identity in cyberspace. Jazmin is the Lead Digital Tutor on the Graphic Communication Design course at Central Saint Martins as well as a Lecturer in Creative Computing & Digital Outreach at UAL’s Creative Computing Institute. 

About Mutant Promise

Mutant Promise is a producing and artist development agency working with experimental artists and musicians to devise artist-led learning and skill-sharing programmes. 
Created by Tadeo Lopez-Sendon and Harry Murdoch at the start of 2020, Mutant Promise have worked with organisations internationally including Somerset House Studios (London), Pioneer Works (New York), InterAccess Centre (Toronto), Nyege Nyege (Kampala) and EMBT (Tokyo), to produce workshops, discussions and digital commissions with artists including NSDOS, Joanne Armitage, Johan Diedrick, Jessika Ekomane and Toiret Status.