Arthur I. Miller
Wed 07 Mar 2018

Jennifer Walshe Sound Salon: Arthur I. Miller

Wed 07 Mar 2018
18.45 - 20.30
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New Wing

Jennifer Walshe’s Sound Salon series aims to fuel critical discussion, new vocabulary and analysis in sound, music and technology, supporting communities and practitioners to understand how the internet is shaping these fields.

Today machines have shown glimpses of creativity in art, games and music. As AI develops, completely new forms of art and music, currently unimaginable, are bound to emerge. Arthur I. Miller will explore this brave new world, probing questions like, can computers be creators? Do we have to rethink concepts like 'art' and 'creativity' and, if so, how? Arthur will discuss all this and so much more.


Arthur I. Miller is fascinated by the nature of creative thinking in art and science. He has published many critically acclaimed books, including Insights of Genius; Einstein, Picasso (shortlisted for a Pulitzer); Empire of the Stars (shortlisted for the Aventis Prize); and 137, and writes for the Guardian and The New York Times. He is professor emeritus of history and philosophy of science at University College London. His recent book Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art (W.W. Norton) tells the story of how art, science and technology are fusing in the twenty-first century. Presently he is completing a book entitled, Mozart’s Flute: Creativity and Genius in a World of Machines.