Somerset House Studios

Kelman Duran: A Last ... Cinema

Thu 24 Sep 2020

Dominican musician and visual artist Kelman Duran showcases a new three-part audio work, A Last … Cinema.

Using sonic collage to map out sound across its three movements, the film score inspired A Last … Cinema embeds references to the politics and history of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota.  

One of the largest Native American reservations in the United States, Pine Ridge is a recurring presence in Duran’s work; an area in which he lived and shot documentary film To The North amid the Lakota Tribe, in turn inspiring his 2018 album 13th Month that followed. Continuing to undertake archival work at Pine Ridge, A Last … Cinema embodies another extension and manifestation of Duran’s relationship to the reservation in which he seeks to translate the ideas around sound that he has been exposed to whilst spending time within the South Dakota region.

Kelman Duran is joined by curator and Somerset House Studios resident Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura in conversation ahead of the evening’s performance.

Assembly 2020's artist residency programme Sonic Terrains is supported by Jerwood Arts' Development Programme Fund.

Media partner: The Wire