Kokoro daruma with blade - Horiyoshi III

Kokoro: The Art of Horiyoshi III

21 Mar – 01 Jul 2012
Courtyard Rooms
South Wing

Kokoro means 'heart' in Japanese; it is the 'feeling', the 'inner meaning' that underpins the Japanese approach not only to art, but to Japanese life as a whole. It is what makes Japan quintessentially Japanese.

With this selection of paintings by Irezumi master Horiyoshi III, we hoped to make the visitor 'feel' Kokoro; typical Japanese nature and legends took life in silk paintings and photographs.

Internationally renowned tattoo artist Horiyoshi III is a great supporter of traditional japanese culture, history and craftsmanship but yet he embraced the modern western world, observed it, understood it and changed his art, evolving but keeping it japanese; this is ultimately the power and essence of Kokoro. It is a spirit that knows no time or physical limits.