A digital rendering of a tree trunk positions middle top of the image, on a floor or varying textures, made up of images of paving stones, people sat on chairs outside and the tree's shadow.
Online Event
Somerset House Studios

Lucia H Chung: Going Platinum!

Sat 20 Nov
12.00 - 13.00
Pay What You Can

An interactive panel discussion on the crossover of experimental electronic music and video game music. 

Mutant Promise presents Going Platinum!, a live streamed online discussion between artist Lucia H Chung and guest artists Lisa Devon and James B Stringer focusing on the crossover of technological development, conceptual influences and creative tools and practices between experimental electronic music and computer game music.  

Through looking into the working process, examples and experiments by guest artists, designers and educators from both creative disciplines, the conversation aims to compare the similarities, particularites and the uniqueness of both fields, as well as to explore the possibilities of video game environments and technology as a newfound playground for experimental and electronic artists.

The Going Platinum! discussion will take place through an interactive, free to access online-social space in Gather. A pre-event email will share details with audience members on how to access the talk.

We note that Christos Michalakos is unable to join the panel due to unforeseen personal circumstances.

The event will take place in Gather. Gather is a web-conferencing software like Zoom, but with the added ability to move around and interact with other participants based on your locations in the room, just like real life. Gather is accessible with your computer browser and you will just need a computer with a mic and camera. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox as your browser. 

If it's your first time using Gather you can learn more details, try a demo and get familiar with the event here. If you've booked a ticket and you're having any trouble accessing the room please let us know by writing to contact@mutantpromise.net and we'll help you out.   

Going Platinum! is curated by Lucia H Chung and produced by Mutant Promise. 
Event presented as part of Mutant Promise: Going Platinum! 

About Lucia H Chung

Lucia H Chung is a Taiwanese experimental artist based in London. Lucia performs and releases music under the alias ‘en creux’ where the sound creation springs from their fascinations in noise generated via feedback on digital and analogue equipment, and their role as a ‘mediator-performer’ in the multifaceted relationship between the sonic events incurring within the self-regulated system. Lucia also works as independent curator, producer and broadcaster at Happened. Lucia is also an avid gamer and has worked as LQA for Triple-A games such as Lara Croft: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Monster Hunters, Devil May Cry 5 and other mobile game projects.

About Lisa Devon

Lisa Devon has been working in the audio industry for ten years, with experience in a wide range of disciplines: having studied music and studio recording, she worked in film and post production studios in the SF Bay Area before hopping across the pond to join the UK games industry. Lately, she's been making music and sound effects for Media Molecule's PlayStation game, Dreams. She has a special interest in novel forms of music-making, analogue and digital synthesis, audio installations and indie games.

About James B Stringer

James B Stringer is an artist, musician and developer based at Somerset House Studios. He was co-founder and creative director of real-time tech focused creative studio Werkflow, specializing in developing digital artworks, cinematics, live experiences and installations for clients ranging from Actress & the Stockhausen Orchestra to Nike & A Cold Wall.

James has toured internationally with his music project Brood Ma and co-founded the digital label Quantum Natives, for which he developed a number of game engine powered music events and live performances. James has seen releases on Mantile, Quantum Natives, Tri-Angle Records and Hemlock as well as several self released albums and mixtapes.

He is currently developing two adventure games in the role of writer/director and audio designer. These are ‘Wreck of the Worm Wings’ a visual novel that will premiere in Siberia at Inversia 2022 and ‘Sovereign’, a social realist adventure game set in the suburbs of England.

About Christos Michalakos

Christos Michalakos is a composer, performer, and software developer. His work explores the synergies between interactive music systems, experimental game design, improvisation and performance. He currently lives and works in Dundee, Scotland, where he is a senior lecturer and researcher at the School of Design and Informatics at the University of Abertay.


Christos has presented at a wide range of conferences and festivals including the International Conference on Live Interfaces (ICLI), Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA), London Jazz Festival, Games Developers Conference (GDC), ACM Creativity and Cognition, New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

About Mutant Promise

Mutant Promise is a producing and artist development agency working with experimental artists and musicians to devise artist-led learning and skill-sharing programmes.

Created by Tadeo Lopez-Sendon and Harry Murdoch at the start of 2020, Mutant Promise have worked with organisations internationally including Somerset House Studios (London), Pioneer Works (New York), InterAccess Centre (Toronto), Nyege Nyege (Kampala) and EMBT (Tokyo), to produce workshops, discussions and digital commissions with artists including NSDOS, Joanne Armitage, Johan Diedrick, Jessika Ekomane and Toiret Status.