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Makerversity Material Explorations | Designing a Circular Product

Sat 23 Sep 2017
New Wing

An introduction into the process of converting household plastic waste, into a valuable material resource.

This first workshop is an introduction into the process of converting household plastic waste, into a valuable material resource. Participants will get the opportunity to melt down their own plastic and learn the necessary steps into how to form this material into a product, using modern manufacturing techniques such as CNC-milling. As well as this, participants will learn how to separate plastics to create the best material possible.
The workshop includes form design and how to reprocess the finished product to ensure that the material can be reused over and over again.

What Experience do I need?
This is aimed at adults with any level of craft or design skills, from complete beginners with an interest in sustainability, to an expert product designer with ambition to move into different material specialisms.

What will I make?
You will be melting down waste plastic into blocks of solid material, experimenting with CNC-milling machine and cutting out the forms which you have been designing. Participants are able to take home a range of these samples made from different plastics, as well as a process card explaining how to process materials while keeping safe.

Who will be teaching me?
Tom Meades is a 3D designer, specializing in sustainable material and process exploration. He has a BA degree in 3D Design & Craft from The University of Brighton, as well as professional experience as a product designer. Tom hopes that in the future, people will be able to develop high-quality products within their own home, simply using waste material.

Do I need to bring anything?
Participants are advises to bring along their own plastic bottles, detergent containers and plastic bags, as this will be a great material source to start melting down, also notepads, drawing/writing equipment, and heatproof gloves. It is recommended that you wear a safety mask, although the workshop is outside so there will be no fumes trapped indoors.

This workshop is part of Makerversity's Material Explorations Series. 

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