Somerset House Studios

Makerversity presents Common Works

18 - 25 Oct 2018
10.00 - 18.00
New Wing

Makerversity Presents is a series showcasing their community and the projects that have shaped them.

At the core of Makerversity are the members - extraordinary makers working in unexpected ways. They might be creating disruptive encounters between textiles and biomaterials, or fusing craft and digital technology - but they always continue to redefine the future of creative maker practices.

Makerversity is celebrating five years of being a resident at Somerset House Studios through one of the most celebrated materials, wood, with the first in the 'Makerversity Presents' series: Pictures of the Floating World – an experimental woodblock print animation by Common Works.

Pictures of the Floating World
Taking its name and narrative inspiration from the 17th century Japanese art form “Ukiyo-e”, Pictures Of The Floating World is an experimental animation made entirely from woodblock prints, produced using traditional cell animation, hand printing techniques and custom digital programs.

Each hand drawn frame was laser cut into wooden boards before being hand printed, scanned and reassembled into a moving image. The film explores the meeting point between tradition and technology: the fusion of ancient craft with the digital production possibilities of the modern day.

The exhibition will showcase an exhibition of prints and works in progress as well as screenings.

Common Works was formed in 2013 by Christopher Waggott, Sam Tripp and Jonny Garrill as a means to experiment across different disciplines and fields. The studio has developed its practice with a focus on exploring the intersection between art direction, interaction, moving image and emerging technologies.

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