Somerset House Studios

Music Hackspace Artist Talk: Martin & Lucia of SM-LL

Mon 26 Jun 2017
New Wing

Martin Thompson and Lucia H Chung run the label SM-LL. Martin makes music under the name Pokk! And Typeface, and Lucia as en creux. Together they produce under the name Reloc. Both their music and label share a minimal, reductionist aesthetic. There is never excess, no clutter. A single musical phrase may be extrapolated over a whole 12”, given far more attention and space than it’d receive elsewhere. No one else is giving music space to breath like this. Lucia and Martin will be coming in for a public conversation with Tom Mudd, a close friend of the two. They’ll be playing demos and chatting about their minimal approach to music and running a label, and also digging into Lucia’s event series, Happened, which has played host to various friends of Music Hackspace, including Ewa Justka, Graham Dunning, and Aa3_Tzt.[RN500].

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