Somerset House Studios

Music Hackspace: Scramble Everything Workshop with Ewa Justka & EVOL

Sat 09 Jun 2018
11.00 - 17.00
Vault 15
New Wing

Scramble Everything is a synthesizer designed by Ewa Justka, which uses random sequences to trigger and modulate a small voice synthesis engine.

The result is completely scrambled speech – hence the name. Weird stretched out phonemes, morphing vowels and a cacophony of extremely disfigured human speech, right at the intersection where imitation, emulation and simulation point towards otherness and hybridism. Scramble Everything can also be used as an effects unit, to scramble external signals.

The workshop includes both a practical part, where users assemble and build the instrument, as well as a theoretical part (featuring Roc Jiménez de Cisneros/EVOL), aimed to shed some light on some of the topics that Scramble Everything touches upon, mostly the notion of imitation in the context of electronic music.

The workshop costs £120.00 and includes all materials and tools.

Alongside the workshop is a party of the same name, co-curated by Music Hackspace and Ewa Justka, featuring a live show from herself and EVOL, Dale Cornish and Shelley Parker, as well as a DJ set from EVOL with lasers from Jason Haebich. Purchasing a place in the workshop includes guestlist for the party that evening. Tickets can also be purchased separately here.

We can offer a 10% concession for students or people who are unemployed or benefit recipients. If eligible, please email and we can send you a code.

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