An artwork by Zadie Xa entitled The Word for Water is Whale. It is a painting of sea life, with shells, seaweed, whales and fish swimming up streams of water. There is a border of blue waves around this busy scene.
Somerset House Studios

New Worlds: Nonhuman Storytelling Ecological Futures

Thu 23 Jun
River Rooms
New Wing

Sammy Lee and Zadie Xa propose a way through an apocalyptic present by thinking and feeling with other species to unearth new forms of knowledge.

This event brings together two artists whose practices involve a worldbuilding process critical of anthropocentric readings of the environment, while expanding on the possibilities of more-than-human consciousness through technology and ritual. 

Combining dreams, speculative mythologies, interspecies rituals, and ecological communion, this event asks what non-linear histories and nonhuman stories begin to emerge when we acquiesce to the limits of our own understanding.