An artwork by artist Lawrence Lek. A digital render of a landscape. In a green valley surrounded by trees and rugged mountains is a videogame amphitheater with a pool at the centre.
Somerset House Studios

New Worlds: Polysonic Worlds

Thu 26 May 2022
River Rooms
New Wing

For the first event in the series we'll be looking at work from Lawrence Lek and Evan Ifekoya, exploring sound as a world-building technology.

Somerset House Studios artist Lawrence Lek and Evan Ifekoya's multidisciplinary practices draw on the affective and existential dimensions of sound. The pair will explore the alternative worlds deep listening makes possible, who listens, and who (or what) speaks? How do these sounds sound? How could deep listening undo and rebuild certain frameworks of knowledge, helping us move beyond individual logical hierarchies into a new collective existence? How can listening be understood as a kind of healing?