Perfume Lab Residencies: Timothy Han

Sun 23 Jul 2017
Free with exhibition entry

The Perfumer will be in the lab 11.00-12.30 & 13.30-17.00. They will host short informal drop-in talks at 12.00-12.15, 14.00-14.15 & 16.00-16.15. Access is free with exhibition entry but capacity may be limited

Perfume Lab
East Wing Galleries

An expert perfumer takes up residency within the Perfume Lab to showcase the art and science of crafting a fragrance.

On selected Sundays the Perfume Lab will be occupied by expert perfumers investigating a key part of the olfactory practice within the exhibition itself. This unique open lab experience will allow visitors to see the precision, craft and artistry that goes into fragrance creation, as well as ask questions, smell individual ingredients and get a genuine insight into the process behind perfumes.

Each resident will explore a particular theme related to their work throughout the day and will host informal drop-in talks at 12.00-12.15, 14.00-14.15 & 16.00 - 16.15.  

The lab residencies are drop-in and free with exhibition entry, capacity may be limited during busy times. Parts of the session may be interactive but these are not hands on workshops.

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Timothy Han: Scent & Music

Timothy Han, olfactory storyteller and founder of TH/E Parfum will use the residency to explore the inter-sensory relationship between sound and smell.  Han’s most recent work is with the Miro Shot collective on CONTENT, a performance that combines VR, live music and fragrance to create a multi-dimensional rich sensory experience. Within the Lab Residency he will be looking at combining and pairing scent and music.

Han creates perfumes inspired by iconic literary figures such as Simone de Beavouir and Jack Kerouac in limited batches, with the batch number printed on the bottle to record the minor fluctuations between each release. Han’s perfumes are created for the “true individuals” the “friends and heroes who constantly challenge the norm and find monotony on the trodden path”.  

The Miro Shot performance Photograph © Alex Ford