Somerset House Studios

Superflux: The Future(s) of Power #1

Tue 26 Sep 2017
River Rooms
New Wing

A new series of open parliamentary sessions that explore the future of representation, governance and democracy. Over a series of four events, Superflux are inviting speakers and citizens to consider the future of representative rule.

The Future(s) of Power will cut to the core of the political zeitgeist, creating the conditions for critical thinking, emotional reflection and envisioning future potential. In the face of Brexit, Trump and climate change it is easy to feel powerless and overwhelmed by forces beyond our control. We will be addressing questions like: Do our votes have any real impact? Is our democratic system simply maintaining a status quo that benefits the few, not the many? Are the politics of our nation really as divided as they seem or have they outgrown the simple left/right narratives of the past? What is the future of democracy and what role might technology play in it?

The first session, Power, Politicians and the People, will question how we can work towards a different politics in a world where lobbying, a highly partizan media, and poor voter turnout plague our democracy.

Speakers:  Aviah Day (Member of Sisters Uncut), Dr Catherine Haddon (Institute for Government), Indy Johar (Project 00, Dark Matter Labs) and Jacques Peretti (Journalist and BBC presenter)

Curated by Studios residents Superflux and produced by Somerset House Studios

Tickets are free but limited.

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