Thu 07 Dec 2017

Taut Line: Beatrice Dillon

Thu 07 Dec 2017
19.00, 19.45, 20.30
The Deadhouse
South Wing

London premiere of new sound installation from the electronic composer and producer. 

New Studio’s resident Beatrice Dillon presents Taut Line, a multi-channel sound installation co-commissioned in partnership with Abandon Normal Devices. The piece premiered at The Great Cave, Peak Cavern Derbyshire in September as part of the AND 2017 festival programme.

At Somerset House, Dillon reconfigures the work for The Deadhouse, a rarely accessible underground tunnel running beneath the courtyard, clad with headstones dating from the 1600s, the remnants of a chapel that was formally located on the site. 

Taking the history of rope-making at Peak Cavern as a starting point, and in particular the intricate roping method developed there known as the 'Marrison Loop’, Taut Line uses the principle of alternating, extending and interlocking six individual sine waves. The unusual architectural acoustics of The Deadhouse simultaneously condition and are conditioned by the work. 

Note that this is a timed experience for an intimate audience, lasting approximately 20-25 mins. Be aware the piece is loud and lighting will be reduced.

Please wear warm clothing.


Beatrice Dillon’s Taut Line mapped out the space with loud standing waves. As you walk around the cavern you have the physical sensation of walking through sound as your tiniest movement changes what you are hearing.

The Wire

A Somerset House Studios and Abandon Normal Devices Co-commission.

Photo: Chris Foster