Crowds sat in the sun enjoying a talk at Trans* Day of Joy 2022

Trans* Day of Joy

Sun 13 Aug
12.00 - 22.30
Edmond J. Safra
Fountain Court

Join us for Trans* Day of Joy, a celebration of trans* art & creative expression.

Founded by trans* collective and mutual aid group We Exist, Trans*Day of Joy presents a full-day programme of talks, spoken word, poetry, live performances, film and DJ sets, celebrating the rich breadth of trans* creativity.

The line-up includes performances from Tanaka Fuego, Chloe Filani, Jetsün Shenkyong-Ma, D Mortimer, Destiny, Kasra Jalilipour, Minera El Water, Bambi and June Jones, alongside DJ sets from Basmati, Mo/Rabz, Jaye Ward, Mizz Q and Gin. Plus, keep an eye on the big screen for film from Rashaad Newsome, Enantios Dromos Limitrofe TelevisionQween Ceyenne and Julian Konuk.

You can also meet Sephora UK in the West Wing for Backstage by Sephora, where you'll discover beauty applications, tips and tricks, as well as a live in conversation with special guest Dakota Schiffer at 13.00. Please be aware that spaces for the talk are limited and first come, first served. 

About We Exist

We Exist is a not-for-profit Trans Collective and mutual aid group organised by a team of artists and activists in London. The principle of mutual aid is at the core of what We Exist do: we are all responsible for caring for one another and changing our collective conditions, through solidarity not charity. 

Established in 2020 during Covid-19, the collective redistributes funds to provide financial support for the healthcare and wellbeing of trans, intersex & nonbinary people in the local community during the ongoing trans healthcare crisis in the UK. 

We Exist also take up space to bring our community together through pop-up spaces, residencies, exhibitions, workshops and the now annual celebration of trans* art and expression; Trans* Day of Joy. 

At the event We Exist will be raising money for their Trans Healthcare Fund, which you can contribute to below. We Exist is accepting donations via the platform Open Collective, a legal and financial toolbox for grassroots groups.

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