Fri 08 Sep 2017


Fri 08 Sep 2017
09.00 - 17.00
The Edmond J. Safra
Fountain Court

An interactive event exploring the future of mobility in cities. 

By 2050 at least 70 percent of the global population will live in cities and urban traffic will have tripled. We need to develop smart and resilient cities for the future with more efficient traffic infrastructures, ensuring people are at the heart of city development. Technology has the potential to improve quality of life and the digital revolution is transforming mobility through demand-led services.

For transforMOTION Bosch invites the public to gain a glimpse of the future through a series of installations, talks, technology showcases and hands-on activities.

Technology demonstrations
See Bosch’s latest projects and innovations before many of them even come to market.

Bosch Connected Car
With face recognition, intelligent personalisation via Drive Monitor and gesture controls with haptic feedback, making connectivity a personal experience and giving people more time for living, even while driving their car.

Home Zone Park Assist
A partially automated function that is designed for recurring parking manoeuvres either at home or in an assigned parking space.

Light Electric Vehicles
With its 48-volt powertrain system for light electric vehicles, travelling through bustling cities is faster and less stressful. Try them before they are even on the market.

Autonomous pods
Discover how six to ten people can be transported across the urban spaces of the future with this autonomous, demand-responsive mobility solution powered by an electric drivetrain. 

Highly Automated Driving (HAD) Car
The automated system affects every aspect of the car. It is based on sensors featuring radar, video and laser technology. Thanks to vehicle-to-vehicle communication, this test vehicle knows about other road users long before they come into view. The human-machine interface recognises the driver and informs when a stretch of the road is available for automated driving.

Micro-Climate Monitoring System
Bosch is working in partnership with Intel to improve air quality and have developed an easy to deploy, technologically advanced measuring solution for smarter traffic management in cities.

A technology showcase with The Royal Shakespeare Company
Discover how the sciences and arts are coming together to drive further innovation with a ground-breaking technology showcase from the Royal Shakespeare Company.