Hannah Diamond
Online Event
Thu 16 Nov 2020

Upgrade Yourself: Inspiration | Sound and Vision with Hannah Diamond

Thu 19 Nov 2020
13.00 - 14.00
Online Event
Streamed Live

Join talented Hannah Diamond, music maker, image auteur and Creative Director who is breaking mainstream formulas to navigate her own multidisciplinary career, effortlessly inspiring fans worldwide.

In this first of our Upgrade Yourself: Inspiration events Hannah will share her journey so far, who inspires her, and some top tips & insights on how to stay resilient and business smart.

Explore her work and processes, and hear how it feels like to work both in front of and behind the camera, as well as Hannah's advice on how to balance the creative and business aspects of an in-demand creative career. There is also a chance to ask Hannah questions during the session via Okocha Obasi, one of our new Young Hosts from the Young Producers at Somerset House programme.

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Image courtesy of Hannah Diamond
Image courtesy of Hannah Diamond

Upgrade Yourself: Inspiration

Industry voices and game changers share their career journeys and practical tips to both home and international audiences in these online talks. There is also the opportunity for audience members to ask live and direct questions via one of our Hosts from the Young Producers Programme at Somerset House.

Led by members of the Somerset House creative community and external partners and guests, these digital sessions primarily aimed at people aged 18-25 are for those looking for access routes into the Creative Industries and the Cultural Sector.

About the artist


Hannah Diamond broke out as part of the London Based PC Music in 2013 via a series of viral Soundcloud bops which included 'Pink and Blue', and ‘Every Night’ - the latter hitting the Billboard 'Emerging Artists Top 40' and becoming Hypem's 'most downloaded song in the world' on the week of its release. Establishing herself as what PC Music founder A. G. Cook describes as 'a new kind of popstar', Hannah has been a major influence on the sonics and aesthetics of the 'experimental pop' movement, and a collaborator to artists such as Charli xcx, 100 Gecs, A. G. Cook, Danny L Harle and SOPHIE.

Operating between the extremes of the uncannily synthetic and the earnestly sincere, Hannah's music deconstructs notions of 'pop perfection' by offsetting crystal clear, high definition production with intense vocal processing and unexpected melody lines. Her highly anticipated debut album 'Reflections' was released in November 2019 and explored themes of fractured relationships set against a backdrop of contemporary digital lifestyles, receiving major critical acclaim from the likes of The NME (4 stars), The Guardian (4 stars), The Observer (4 stars) and Q Magazine (4 stars). Following the release of Reflections, Hannah announced her debut European tour which sold out on the first day of pre-sale, with extra dates added due to demand, as well as a support slot on Carly Rae Jepson's 'Dedicated Tour'.

Alongside her music, Hannah is also a noted photographer and digital artist, with her visual art receiving coverage from publications such as Freize and Dazed and Confused, leading to her participation in a number of international exhibitions. Historically, Hannah has utilised her distinct aesthetic to create defining imagery for both herself and her PC Music label peers, which has itself led to commissions for artists such as Charli xcx, Olly Years, Carly Rae Jepson, Offset (Migos), Sundara Karma, Klein, Bladee and Ecco 2k.

About Okocha Obasi (Young Host)


Recently graduating from Leeds Arts University in Graphic Design and now living back in his hometown London. Okocha's practice moves between hyper-digital fantasies all the way to intimate contemporary work, which aims to be both captivating and thought provoking. Since graduating he has won awards with both D&AD and Creative Conscious, alongside being featured as one of the 16 top global graduates by ItsNiceThat 2020. On the same tone, ItsNiceThat awarded him the first-ever public grant as part of the ExtraNiceFund to support his own platform RACEZINE, which aims to extend the lens of what is to be a person of colour in the 21st century. RACEZINE also has a sister brand club night called TONGUE N TEETH, which has a strict ban on mobile phones within the space. Centring queer and bodies of colour to be as bold and cathartic as they please. When not designing, you can often find Okocha in the anime sections of the library or front left in the club.