Moeed Majeed
Online Event

Upgrade Yourself: Process | Tuning Your Voice and Presentation Styles with Moeed Majeed

Thu 28 Jan 2021
13.00 - 14.30

In our first Upgrade Yourself: Process workshop of the year, join all-round creative Moeed Majeed as he shares his career journey so far working in Media.

Moeed will be offering advice and techniques on how you can hone your individual presenting style, find your audience, and evolve your storytelling. Moeed’s outputs to date boast an array of creative roles and outcomes, working as TV & Radio Presenter, Content Producer, Vlogger, and Model, taking on commissioned roles and working as a freelancer.

In this 90-minute Process-led interactive workshop, this visual and interactive discussion will bring insight, top tips, and a conversational space to listen, share anecdotes and ask Moeed direct questions. Do you need to work on your elevator pitch? Need advice on how to hold your nerve in a job interview? Does the thought of public speaking terrify you? Looking to turn your storytelling into a job opportunity? Or maybe you just want to curate a multidisciplinary career either in front of, or behind the camera, or both, this workshop is one to take part in.

Before the session you will have the chance to meet and talk with Moeed and other participants, we also promote the chat box to interact with, connect with others and ask lots of questions during the session. During this session Moeed will be covering topics around:

  • His journey into the Media and Creative Industries
  • Presenting across TV & Radio
  • Storytelling, Creation and Collaboration
  • Working with media partners, pitching, and developing content for podcasts
  • Interview styles and techniques


About Moeed Majeed

Moeed Majeed is a content producer with a passion for audio and video storytelling.

His journey into media has been a very unconventional one. After dropping out of university he bought himself a DSLR and started shooting London fashion week. Through that he went on to assisting in the fashion industry.

He started making his own youtube videos and It turned out people liked what he had to say, he ended up presenting for BentTV, WTX News, Pulse 88, Crohns and Colitis UK amongst others.

He developed a passion for telling stories about real life situations. Ones that affect everyday, normal people. Working with VICE UK, he was able to tell those stories in the form of almost 100 podcasts over a year. Since then he has worked with the BBC, Spotify and the London Borough of Culture.

Upgrade Yourself: Process

We bring participants together in small groups to meet innovative creative industry thinkers and doers (either individuals, collectives, or organisations). We encourage everyone in the room to contribute to the session, allowing for deeper engagement, which could be conversational, bitesize prototyping and/or creative play, alongside a Somerset House Producer. This is first-come, first-chance as spaces are limited, so please register and express your interest.