A photo of a microphone positioned in a white room, with a neon light on the wall.
Online Event
Wed 05 Aug 2020

Virtual Listening Room with Internet Sound Collective EBM(T)

Wed 05 Aug 2020
18.00 – 19.00
Online Event

Mutant Promise presents new online works with EBM(T), a virtual aural room and aural experimentation practice for discovery and sharing of sounds.

Curated by sound platform EBM(T), this online premiere presents work from artists Miriam Stoney and Amosphere within a deep listening environment; inviting audiences to engage via a virtual immersive listening room in the first of a new series of personalized concerts, exhibitions, and sessions from EBM(T).

Featuring Miriam Stoney (AT), Amosphère (FR/CN) and Toiret Status (JP), working from different locations across the internet, the three works are the result of intimate online performances by each artist for an audience of one. 

An online performance by Toiret Status takes the audience on a personalized car ride around his own resident town in the Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan. Between online and public space, Status presents an introspective trip of personal and shared time and space.

Toiret Status.png

Toiret Status – 'Ice Cream Track'

33-33 label artist Amosphère will create a score and spatialized composition inside 3d virtual chatroom Mozilla Hubs devised for the participant’s sign and birth chart.


Amosphère – 'What's your zodiac sign?'

And Miriam Stoney will use speech, binaural audio, live video and text over Zoom interrogating data as economy, digital ethics and data protection. Find out more here.

Miriam Stoney.png

Miriam Stoney – 'SILKY SOFT BIOMETRICS / What are you if not evil?'

EBM (T) have curated an online sound exhibition in parallel between 5 August 2020  and 9 September 2020, featuring artist Hideki Umezawa.

Hideki Umezawa.jpg

EBM(T) Issue 019 feat. Hideki Umezawa – 'Trans- Object'


About the Artists

EBM(T) is a virtual aural room and aural experimentation practice for discovery and sharing of sounds founded by Nozomu Matsumoto and Nile Koetting since 2014. It is designed for use by artists, scientists, creators, designers, musicians, and others working in various genres around the world. EBM(T) curated numerous online show, and offline show such as INFRA Festival 2018 (Hara museum of contemporary art, Yamamoto Gendai etc), “Tokyo”: Sensing the Cultural Magma of the Metropolis (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo).

Amosphère aka Amo Vaccaria is a Paris-based composer and multidisciplinary visual artist. Through diverse pictorial practices, she uses a minimalist vocabulary and fictional concrete poetries to explore the sonority and functionality of immaterial illusions. By playing with combinations between analog synthesizers, contemporary technologies and artificial intelligence, the music scores — collected datas and visual objects, are translated into sounds, installations and performances that exist both in the physical world and through virtual reality.

Miriam Stoney (b1994, Scunthorpe GB) is a writer and researcher based between London and Vienna. Often working collaboratively with visual artists, her writing explores architectures of selfhood in the various ecologies we inhabit. Her work has been featured at Centre Pompidou x West Bund Museum Shanghai, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin, Kunstverein Göttingen, as well as in various artist catalogues and journals.


Toiret Status is a project by Isamu Yorichika from Yamaguchi, Japan. Isamu began making music as a drummer for noise and hardcore bands which led to his first solo recordings in 2015. Toiret Status creates work resembling the idea of ​​food going through digestion, excretion, and then flushing. This cycle is like a regurgitation of sounds sampled from his daily life: movies, video games, and field recordings. The sources are digested and then flushed back out as a different color. In 2020, he released his newest album “Otohime” from Orange Milk Record. 

Part of Somerset House Studios resident Mutant Promise’ online series for progressive music making, covering themes including digital field recording in the home, interior soundscape composition, harmony and tonality in digital music, introduction courses to open source sound software  and remote DIY hardware sessions. Mutant Promise is a programming, producing and artist booking platform supporting the work of musicians who combine a DIY and workshop practice with their performance, composition and release work.