Yan Wang Preston, Forest #3, 2011, photographic print (c) Yan Wang Preston

William A. Ewing In Conversation

Thu 09 Mar 2017
Screening Room
South Wing

Chairman of the Syngenta Photography Award jury William A. Ewing in conversation with the finalists

The curator, author and museum director William A. Ewing is joined by the finalists of the Syngenta Photography Award, Lucas Foglia, Robin Friend, Matt Hamon, Claudia Jaguaribe and Yan Wang Preston, to discuss their work and the theme Grow-Conserve.


The Syngenta Photography Award is a celebration of artistic skill and outstanding photography which aims to draw attention to, and stimulate dialogue around, key global challenges. As the world’s population continues to increase, so does the tension between our growing demand for more food, energy and resources, and the need to conserve what we have today, for the next generation.  

This year’s third edition of the Syngenta Photography Award invited professional and amateur photographers from all over the world to submit applications responding to the theme of ‘Grow-Conserve’. It will bring together 92 images from 43 photographers, representing 22 countries; each depicting powerful responses to the theme of Grow-Conserve.