Somerset House Studios
Tue 26 Mar 2019

Without You I'm Nothing: The End / Survival Guide for a Post Apocalyptic Child

Tue 26 Mar 2019
18.45 - 20.45
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The work of our artists is valuable and our events cost money to produce, but we also want them to be as accessible as possible. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to pay what you can for this event.

New Wing

A trilogy of events including performances, lectures, workshops and discussion.

This series of events is born out of a sensibility that we are at the end of the world as we know it: current ecological, political and technological narratives and histories are volatile and unstable. Environmental disasters, future of net neutrality, vanished species and looming nuclear disasters are no longer a part of science fiction writing or a post apocalyptic movie but a part of our reality. The three events investigate the possible ends of an era, its entangled histories, open-ended narratives and flux identities. They aim to carefully glimpse into the possible futures of humankind and otherkind: the vital necessity for co-dependence and urgency to remember, preserve and act now.

The third and last event in the series, titled The End / Survival Guide for a Post Apocalyptic Child, will look into the dark, uncertain future of our planet and its inhabitants with a glimmer of hope. Amongst the very tangible fears of an event that will end it all, be it a total environmental collapse, robot takeover or a nuclear war, we will attempt to imagine alternative ways of being together. What kind of political strength and opportunities for resistance there might be in a slow (offline) living?

We will think how to challenge the current power structure, a structure that inevitably ships us towards the looming apocalypse, total social unrest and wars over basic resources. Is there still time to stop the inevitable and to speed-build a just society whilst preserving what is left of our rich ecology? What is the future we will leave for those yet to be?

The participants are invited to imagine and test out ideas and tools to preserve what we have, to remember what we had, and to imagine a future where co-dependence is nurturing, inclusive and vital for us all to thrive.

Participants TBC.

The events are organised as a part of a residency titled 6 Months Without by Nastja Säde Rönkkö, where the artist lives and works in London without the Internet for 6 months. The intention of Rönkkö’s slow offline existence and the accompanying events is to actively research, create and test out new ways of connecting, communicating and being in a city, community and the society at the time of major changes in the ways we live, feel and function in the world.

The events and the residency are supported by Somerset House Studios, Wysing Arts Centre, The Finnish Institute in London and Alfred Kordelin Foundation.