Sat 29 Sep 2018

Echo Youth: Family Drop-In Workshop

Sat 29 Sep 2018
12.00 - 15.00

This workshop is for families with accompanied children, spaces may be limited.

New Wing

Join artist Matthew Plummer Fernandez for a workshop exploring the future of our planet through placard making in advance of our upcoming exhibition Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

This workshop will explore the language and function of placards through the prism of Peanuts, the iconic long-running comic strip created by Charles Schulz. The placard is a recurring motif in Peanuts and is often used as a way of the non vocal characters (ie. Snoopy, Woodstock) to communicate with the other characters. This workshop is a chance for young people and those often excluded from society’s current crucial conversations to communicate their views.

Some of the contributions may be photographed and included within a new artwork by Somerset House Studios Resident Matthew Plummer Fernandez to be displayed within the exhibition Good Grief, Charlie Brown! The artwork entitled Echo Youth will use Augmented Reality to produce mass demonstration scenes composed of placards made during a series of workshops with different groups here at Somerset House.

Detail of Peanuts 06.07.jpg

Detail of Peanuts 06.07.1968 © Peanuts

This workshop is drop-in and subject to capacity. This workshop is for families with accompanied children.

Matthew Plummer Fernandez is a British/Colombian artist that creates sculpture, software, online interventions, and installations. His work explores the relationship between society, technology and automation. Matthew is currently based in Somerset House Studios, home to more than 80 contemporary artists, makers and thinkers.